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    Analyst Tool 10 : Best Practice to capture Synonyms

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      Let's say I have a two tables called TAB01 and TAB02, both have the column name COLID but COLID means something different in the two tables.

      COLID in TAB01 description : This is a system generated sequential number.

      COLID in TAB02 description : This field is the external number loaded from system x.


      I want to capture the above in the Analyst Tool business glossary.

      What is the best way to do this?


      The way I see it:

      1) Capture a term called COLID, add synonyms in the synonyms block for TAB01 and TAB02

           (This options only allows me to capture a description/context information unfortunately.)

      2) Capture terms TAB01 and TAB02, add categories "Tables". Capture COLID(Category "Fields") and add TAB01 and TAB02 as related terms

           Capture a synonym for COLID

           (This option allows that I can capture more information for TAB01 and TAB02 but does not solve the duplicate name issue.

            Also, only Context can be captured for the synonym)


      Any other options?