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    Item workflow - master copy vs working copy

    inuser461862 Guru

      Hi !


      How can I keep a golden copy of item (w/o unapproved changes) until the changes on the item are approved?


      My usecase is, a requester user will trigger a workflow (ActiveVOS + PIM BPM) on an item and do the changes. This item will then go to approver for review. Approver can approve the changes or cancel the request. Canceling the request means the changes requester did, were invalid altogether, so item data needs to be reverted back to what it was, before starting the workflow. But since we don't have a working copy of item and a master copy of item, I am not sure how do I bring the item back to original state.


      Few ideas that we are tossing around are :


      1. Use supplier catalog as staging area and once item is approved, merge it to master catalog. This way I can have 2 copies of item - 1 working copy and 1 approved copy
        1. Problem with this approach is, we have 3 tier model (Product, variant, item). But since supplier catalog supports only item, it won't cover all our scenarios
      2. Use audit trail to find item status till given date and copy the values to item again
        1. Our users don't want to do manual clean up of data, i.e., go to rich client, find previous values of item, and update it in item manually.
        2. I couldn't find any REST API, which can give me audit trail data (like how it is shown in rich client), which I can fetch and update it in item.


      Any idea around this?