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    Automating identification of sensitive data and catalog/tagging

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      Hi, I am trying to understand the best ways to leverage the Informatica suite of tools to identify sensitive data and catalog data and then tag the data to appropriately mask/encrypt the data. My main questions are:


      1. Can Informatica’s solution suite (EIC, Secure@Source or other tools) be automated in such a way that information identified as sensitive (e.g. SSN, GDPR data) is tagged appropriately and those tags can be used in an automated way by other tools (Informatica DMD, Apache Ranger or third party tools such as Voltage, Dataguise etc.) to mask/encrypt the data without much user input or action?

      2. Can tags created within Informatica EIC made to flow to Apache Atlas so that we can use Ranger policies for fine grained access control?

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          ltrapadoux Guru

          Hi Sarah,



          As of now here are some solution you can explore:


          - Informatica Secure At Source (S@S) has the capabilities to detect the same PII, PHI. Ranger policies can be create from within S@S to have the access to the different dataset controlled.

          - Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog offers a set of API that can be consume to extract discoverd PII, PHI etc. and automated the creation of policies in Ranger or tags in Atlas.



          The first one still require human action, while the second one could be automated.



          for your second question, I think my second option describe how this can be achieved leveraging the API.



          please let me know if you need more information.



          thank you