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    Merge attributes per structure system

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      Hi everyone,


      Is there any way to merge items from a supplier catalog to a master catalog and only include the attributes for one structure system?

      I've tried setting the merge settings for Item - Attributes - Attribute assignments to the specific structure system, but all that does is copy all attributes. The ones of the structure system we need still have their assignment to that structure system group feature. But the attributes of the other structure systems are copied as well, but without the assignment, so as free attributes.


      How can we prevent merging those free attributes?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Daniel Walter Guru

          Hi Rik,


          Unfortunately, I am not aware of any possibility how to achieve this with the merge settings which are available today.


          Can you explain your use case a little bit? Do your suppliers provide data classified by multiple systems? Maybe you can adjust your import mappings to not import those attributes in the first place if they are not relevant to you. Or export connected features only, so that the free attributes don't cause any issue?




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            Hi Daniel,


            Thank you for your response.

            Our suppliers provides data for multipe classification systems, including their own. And although we don't want to use this data (attributes + values) or classification (to groups) in our master catalog, we do want to store it in the supplier catalog.


            Does this help?