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    Link Rules between two oracle resources

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      This is regarding the Linking Rules between two resources(Oracle). The steps followed are as below:


      • •1) Created an Oracle resource - Test_AnROracle added schema “ANR_STG_DEV”


      • •2) Created another Oracle resource - Anr_DEV_Oracle added schema “ANR_ DEV”


      • •3) In the resource - Test_AnROracle, in the Linking Rules tab , uploaded the xml file (as enclosed).


      • •4) The xml is getting uploaded, but the status Valid – False.(screen shot below).


      • •5) In the actions -> Resource Link Administration, clicking the resources(Test_AnROracle, Anr_DEV_Oracle) and say Create Links.


      • •6) In the resource Test_AnROracle – it says some linking defered and in the resource - Anr_DEV_Oracle not linked.


      • •7) In the mm.log enclosed it “ERROR UploadLinkingRulesCommand - Failed to create the rule set using file {Sample_Oracle.xml}, the ruleset does not involve linking for this resource... “(enclosed).


      Kindly revert with your resolution.