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    Missing link between Teradata view and its table

    Jordan Allen New Member

      Hello. I am very new to Informatica Metadata Manager. We are experiencing an issue where a Teradata view and table both show up in the catalog, but when we run the lineage on either one of them, the link between them is non-existent.


      The view is in a view database and the table is in a different database (both Teradata). We have several other View<-->Table links from those same databases and those links show up just fine in the lineage. However, when I select view "A" or the table it pulls from (table "B") and run the lineage, that link between the table and view is missing.


      What could be the potential problems? I've poked around a lot in our metadata manager instance trying to troubleshoot, but nothing has led to anything helpful.

      We are running Metadata Manager version 9.5


      Any help or suggestions here will be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you.

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