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    Dynamic lookup cache is not updating NewLookupRow to 2 for the existing record.

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      Scenario I am facing is we have couple of records coming from source are having duplicates. we have a composite key [ID1 and ID2] defined at the informatica level and not at the DB level. let's assume there are two records with same ID1, ID2 combination coming in. Requirement is to load the first record as it is when there is no record avaialble in target for the combination ID1, ID2. When second record is read from source, it should go and update the existing value present on the target. We have designed a mapping like this.



      SQ-- EX -- Dynamic Lookup on target -- Router -- Insert to target (or) update strategy -- Update to target.



      When I debug the flow, for the first record dynamic lookup cache is populating the value 1 [Insert] on NewLookupRow port, but when the second row comes in, it is generating 0 on NewLookupRow instead of 2. Due to this update is not happening on target.



      We have selected these properties in lookup



      Dynamic Look up cache

      Synchronize dynamic cache

      Insert else update



      At the session level, we made the option Treat incoming row as Data driven. Please correct me if I missed something.