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    REST API Connector : tryting to access API using rest API connector but facing issues

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      Reeust your inputs/feedback on the usage of API connectors as captured information below :


      I am using informatica cloud,trying to use REST API connectors in order to access my web based source.When I try to execute it fails with the error : URL is not absolute

      Here's what I tried so far

      1.Created REST api connector. connection established successfully

      2. Created Data Synchronization task to load src to data to target flat file.

      3 It fails with the the error : URL is not absolute\

      Since I am beginner into using Informatica cloud and API connectors front , I am not sure in case if I made any connection configuration error.

      Here are the connection config steps I have tried also attached connection configuration snapshot,

      1. provided base url

      2. provided user/pw


      Question :

      1. How can i get the token information while using API connector as I guess the issue might be due to the missing token information ?

      2. Can you provide me the template or reference where I can get the API connector usage details.