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    Configuring multiple Reporting Services on top of a single Data Analyzer Repository ?

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      Couple of questions...


      1) I have a single Data Analyzer Repository database. Can I create multiple reporting services on top of this - one for PowerCenter Repository Reports and another for Data Profiling Reports ? In that case, can two different Data Analyzer applications run simultaneously - one for PowerCenter Metadata Reports and another for Data Profiling reports ? Wouldn't it have any issues if these two different reporting services are sharing the same Data Analyzer Metadata ? In both the cases, would I have pre-built metadata queries & reports available separately for data profiling/quality and repository metadata objects ?


      2) Secondly, in our Sandbox region, I didn't had a separate Data Analyzer repository database created, so while testing & creating Reporting Services for PowerCenter Metadata Repository reports, I selected/used the Repository Database itself which created Data Analyzer specific metadata tables INF*.  Repository database now has following set of tables - OPB_*, REP* and INF* tables/views. Can I delete INF_* specific tables/views only, from the Repository database by deleting the contents of this specific Data Analyzer reporting service?


      When doing that, would it only delete the Data Analyzer specific INF_* tables or it might also delete Repository database specific metadata tables as well - OPB_* and REP*_ ?


      I want to cleanup the Repository Database with these unwanted (INF*) tables and create a new Data Analyzer repository with a new Reporting service.