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    JNDI connection in powercenter

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      Hi All,


      I need to connect JMS(Java message service) to Powercenter.

      For this I need to create JNDI and JMS application connection in workflow manager.

      Below property values are required to create jndi connection:



      - JNDI Context Factory

      - JNDI Provider URL

      - JNDI UserName

      - JNDI Password


      Can someone please tell me how to get or set value for "JNDI Context Factory" ??




      Soniya Sharma




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          Rajan Rath Guru

          Dear EC145621 - Soniya,


          When using JMS source/target at Informatica, it would require two application connections named JNDI connection and JMS connection.


          A JMS connection requires Destination Type - Queue/Topic, "JMS Connection Factory" and "JMS Destination" whereas a JNDI connection requires "JNDI Context Factory" and "JNDI Provider URL".


          The above JMS and JNDI details are to be provided by the JMS provider. You would need to contact the JMS Admin team requesting for the values and have them specified in the application connection at Informatica.


          Note: You would need to have the JMS provider libraries (JAR files) specified in the CLASSPATH or copy them to $INFA_HOME/server/bin/javalib directory to avoid any library or class definition issues.


          Also, the connection/session might fail upon execution. It is suggested to first test the connection outside Informatica using the JMSConnect Test utility provided by Informatica and ensure that the connection to JMS server/provider is successful. You may use the utility available at - JMSConnect Testing Tool


          Hope it helps!