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    Linking Skipped

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      During the process of loading a sample of our Informatica PowerCenter metadata, as well as Oracle Data Dictionary (which are sources for PowerCenter), both loads stated "Linking Skipped".  The rest of the load process was successful.  I assume that the tool has an automated way on creating links between the two catalog because of the sources that are defined within the mappings.  This is not happening if its suppose to.


      I manually created a couple of business terms in the glossary and created links between the terms and catalog items.  When you view the impact analysis, its only shows affected items for the Oracle database catalog and none from PowerCenter.  In metadata terms, the glossary is basically your data dictionary and should show any relationship associated to it.  It should show the universe when you click on a term... but it doesn't. 


      What could the issue be?

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          in your resource config screen for the powercenter resource, switch on automatic connection assignment.

          if you use parameter files in PC workflows that resolve connection variables, also upload these to the resource config, and assign them to the workflows (use autoassign here as well).

          then rerun the load.


          if you dont use parameter files, simply switch on automatic connection assignment and rerun linking (separate menu item under actions, resource link admin)


          keep me posted.

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            Thanks for the info.  I was able to rerun the linking for the PC catalog, but the Oracle database catalog still state 'Linking Skipped' even though the process would start.  It only says its processing for a couple of seconds, then show the skipped message.


            Is that normal?


            Now that the PC linking was completed, and I click on a glossary term, I can see both the impact summary pointing to both Oracle and PC.  However, in the Related Catalogs view, it only show the Oracle catalog.  Should it not also be showing the PC catalog as well since the Impact Summary shows it being effected?  See screen shot below for an example:


            Sorry for the questions, I'm not a newbe to metadata management... just to this specific product.  I'm trying to show my company how valuable metadata management can be.



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              Hi Derek, congratulations!

              your linking has succeeded in creating links. more on that later.

              to explain what you see in the screenshot you sent,

              the related catalog object section of the BGterm shows objects in the catalog that are *directly* related to the term.

              the impact summary shows first-class objects that are related to the term, either directly or through several hops of relations.


              you could see impact summary as a condensed, tabular form of lineage diagram.

              in this example, the term is related to an oracle column. if that oracle column targeted by a powercenter mapping, that mapping would be in the upstream impact summary. if that mapping sources from another table, that table would also be shown in upstream impact summary, and on and on, until you reach the far left of the diagram.


              the first class objects that are included in impact summary are powercenter mappings, DB structures (tables, views, synonyms), DM structures (tables, entities), BI reports, and BG terms. it is possible to add additional classes to the list of first-class objects (system-wide config file).


              to get a feel for impact summary, also run the lineage diagram for the BG term, and compare the impact summary with the graph. (on lineage, the lower half of the screen shows the details of the selected objects, including impact summary.


              impact summary is more condensed (and computed a lot faster) than lineage.


              you might want to reconsider linking the term to the powercenter source qualifier ports. if the related column is related to those source qualifier ports, their parent mappings would be in the impact summary (and lineage) already.
              in general, you want to minimize the number of relationships that you create by hand from BG terms to technical objects, rely on MM linking in the technical space instead.



              so now you have some linking, but maybe not the most complete reflection of reality.

              to verify that, look at the link completeness report of the resource in the load perspective.
              it scores linking completeness as a percetage of all linkable objects.
              for powercenter, linkable objects are source qualifier instance ports, target instance ports, lookup ports. similarly for BI physical schema layer objects, DM physical columns etc.

              you can export this link completeness report to excel, where on the second sheet you see a more detailed list of each individual linkable object that could not get linked.

              analyzing these missing links might lead you to change your config in MM
              (add DB schemas, add/change connection assignments, upload/reassign PC parameter files, rerun linking).

              note that you dont have to rerun the load, just the linking step.

              or, incomplete linking might also reflect a problem in the real world. for example, you may have a PC map sourcing from a table or column that no longer exists.

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                so, can I assume that the missing link report comes handy to test if the stitching is successful? in other words, the lineage is of good quality.