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    Error Code : 36401 Execution terminated unexpectedly

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      Hello experts,


      A session was running fine until suddently for past two days i am observing below issues. As i am unable to fond anything in the session log i am not able to find any solution. Kindly help on this . Below is the detailed description of the issue.


                  • Session terminates with error code 36401
                  • The message is session task instance execution terminated unexpectedly
                  • If the same session is executed separetely it works fine
                  • This behaviour is observed continously almost every day
                  • The source of the session is SAPBW.
                  • Remaining sessions execute successfully.



        • 1. Error Code : 36401 Execution terminated unexpectedly

          Hi Vaishnavi,


          This error is a generic error that is a result of another, more specific error.



          To determine the error do the following:


          1. If the session fails before initialization and no session log is created look for errors in workflow log, Integration Service log or other logs.
          2. If the session log is created and if the log contains errors such as "Caught a fatal signal/exception" or "Unexpected condition detected in file" then a core dump or Dr. Watson log has been created on the server machine. In this case get a stack trace and along with session log contact Informatica Technical Support.
          3. If you face this error for Windows 32-bit  or 64-bit, and the session.log stops directly after starting the reader, compare the DDL of the sources with the DDL of the sources in the mapping. There might be a mismatch.



          Bharath B S