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      I am using powercenter 8.4x  and just installed grid.


      I want to force a session to run on certain servers, this seemed to work fine for a while. Then I deleted the node and moved it to the same server that Informatica (repserver, integration server) is installed.

      Once I did this; it seems to be ignoring the resouce I assign the session to and keeps round robin the sessions.


      How can I force certain sessions to run on a server under any conditions?

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          I am assuming you meant "PowerCenter 8.5x".


          Do the following


          1)  Login to the admin console & navigate to the int. service
          2)  Advance Properties --> IgnoreResourceRequirement should be set to No

          3)  Define a custom resource in the node property level

          4)  In the workflow --> Edit the session & choose the resource that you have defined.

          5)  Save the workflow, recycle the int. service & now the session will always run only on this node in the int. service.



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            I did the recomendation below - it works when run via GUI.  But when run via pmcmd, it is still round robin.


            does this work using pmcmd?


            BTW  - we use 8.1.1 SP4

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              To my knowledge independent of whether it is GUI or pmcmd, it should work the same way.  If not, then i would suggest you to log a support ticket & see if they can further diagnose the problem.