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Cool functionalities in Axon/EDC

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  • Simple Functionality in Axon that allows to document the Data Strategy and link it to the most assets (projects, systems, datasets etc). It could also include a wizard in order to guide the Data Strategy definition as many needed asset like system/dataset/policies are already documented in Axon. So exporting it as a document or even seeing this in MAPS should be awesome!


  • The same for Data Use cases and connect it in Axon with Data Strategy and other assets

For both Data Strategy and Use Cases it could allow bulk upload using templates


  • Axon/EDC ability to extract and understand the IDQ Exception Management Process metadata (wkf and human tasks and the mapping) and document it in Axon as a Process (type DQ Exception Management for example).


  • Maybe this is the most complicated one: giving the ability to operationalize IDQ Exception Management Process from Axon but it has many challenges but it could initially generate an Incomplete/Invalid DQ mapping (Source/Exception Transformation) because the Technical Data Stewards/IDQ Specialist need to apply the technical rules and configure the Exception Transformation, etc. So both the incomplete DQ mapping and the Pre-Generated Workflow (including human tasks) would be generated but would be partially invalid until they are properly configured by the DQ Specialist. It would easy the life of DQ Specialists at same time giving visibility from Axon at operational perspectives. Enterprise Data Stewards and the DG Council would have visibility directly in Axon for example.


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