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Suggestion to include shortcuts for faster deployment

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Hi Team,



Suggestions to be included: UNDO ( Control + Z ) and REDO ( Control + Y ) shortcuts.

Already existing shortcuts: Save ( Control + S ) , Copy ( Control + C ) and Paste ( Control + V ).



Why we need those shortcuts ?

Reason & Example in a short note :



After creating a mapping with 'N' Transformations ['N' - Number of Transformations] that includes many functions and expressions, accidentally few transformations that uses many functions has been deleted. We realize that those functions are necessary for other dependent mapping. Once the transformation is deleted, we realize that (Control + Z) and (Control + Y) shortcuts are not available in informatica. As we are in fast processing network we need to have shortcuts. In all other platforms we will have these REDO & UNDO shortcuts.



Alternative solution available in Informatica



We have other methods to revert the mapping and get the deleted transformations as mentioned. Back to previous version mapping

1. Repository Manager -> Versioning -> View History -> Tools -> Purge Object Version

The same option is available in Designer also. But maybe enabled for selected users only.

We will receive a warning message and when we give 'continue', we will get the mapping in previous version.



2. We can use the 'View History' option, which will list all the versions of each mapping. Simply select the version that we need to revert to, and 'Export to XML File'.

When we re-import these XML files to repository, they will become the latest version.



So,it might be very useful if it is implemented in informatica powercenter in upcoming version.



Personal Note : I have completed the Informatica Product Certification in Powercenter Data Integration 10: Developer,Specialist Certification. So, I would personally recommend the above mentioned changes would have impact in a very useful note for informatica users.



Looking forward for your positive response.


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