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Allowing braces in the Lookup Source Filter

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As in the Source Qualifier's (SQ) User Defined Join attribute it would be a nice feature to allow braces (i.e. { }) in the Lookup's Source Filter.


We use overrides to reduce the cache size. The problem is that Metadata Manager doesn't pick up the override. We also would like to use Pushdown Optimization but not if the Lookup has an override.


I tried putting, "{TABLE1 INNER JOIN TABLE2 ON TABLE1.COL1=TABLE2.COL2}" in the Lookup and I get an "ambiguous column" error from the database. Of course this doesn't happen in the SQ as the table name is included for each column selected.


I haven't seen any documentation or tips and tricks for the Lookup so I assume it's not possible as at 9.5.1. Maybe 9.6?





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