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Importing Oracle Source table with columns having TIMESTAMP datatype

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Hi Infa Team,
I observed one scenario while importing the Source table structure, so thought of writing it here as this could be useful for others too.

When I tried importing tables from Oracle Database,even though the import works fine for all the data types properly, but when I checked the column that has the data type of "TIMESTAMP", it automatically converts it to VARCHAR2(11). Now if on top of this Source I build the SQ queries, it follows string (11) only and while loading into the Target it fails. Suppose if I have Source data as TIMESTAMP
value (E.g., 2/13/2013 12:00:00.000000 PM) , now if I try to process data after importing it will truncate it to 11 CHAR and try to proceed with this value, which will fails as it does not able to Convert the timestamp value while inserting into Target.

I tried changing the Source and Target data type as TIMESTAMP and tried loading, via linking through the SQ data type Date/Time, still it failed mentioning internal conversion failed. So the only option that we were left out is incrementing the DATA PRECISION from 11 to some higher value (25) and loading the data as Character. This worked fine after incrementing the data precision value.

So in my opinion, it would have been great if we could either import as TIMESTAMP itself or as VARCHAR2(25), so that we can avoid unnecessary failures and investigation time and Effort. Thanks!


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