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Enhancement to RPAD or LPAD function

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Dear Infa Technical team,

I have observed one limitation to LPAD/RPAD (Might be developed in that way only not sure). Presently LPAD/RPAD doesnot accept second orgument as dynamic value,when we use a dynamic value it throws error stating "Operand must be Constant".


Let me explain with one example:

Consider a below scenario:


ID     Value

2        A

3        B

4        C


In Target i want as below:


ID       value

2          AA

3          BBB

4          CCCC


I have tried using RPAD(in_Value,in_ID,in_Value)


It is throwing me error stating "Operand must be constant". If you can allow second/third operands also dynamic these kind of requirements can be solved easily.

Hope i am making sense.





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