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Option to skip trailor record

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Dear Infa Technical team,


I have a thought in mind, dont know how far feasible to implement in the application.


Presently we have an option of skip rows in source by using that we can skip header or may be some more rows also as we need.I feel there should be an option to skip the last row. In banking Industry we often recieve files with trailor which indicates the number of records or amount etc..some times that record we will not process to target.To avoid that we need to add extra filter (If it is not identified with some specified character like "T" or "TLR" than we have to use so much logic) to ignore that record.


I would suggest if you can add a check box or some other arrangement in the source properties window like skip trailor record (I mean last record) would be very useful.


Please ignore me if you have already planned/rejected this requirement.





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