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Versioning in Informatica Cloud

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We're in the process of going live with SFDC, and we're using Informatica Cloud (IC) to load the data into SFDC.

We've gone through various testing stages, and within testing stages we've gone through iterations.


Now, I got asked yesterday by the PM what the loading conditions were for a particular DSS 2½ weeks ago.

The DSS itself has undergone changes, and then I realised that I couldn't tell him what the config was back then.


Thus the question arose, what are the options to come up with some sort of versioning in IC?

All the apparent options are manual:

- take screenshots of the mapping (or of every screen of the DSS/DRS)

- download the XML for each DSS/DRS and 'scrub' those to filter out essential information -> this could be a cumbersome and time-consuming process


Best of all of course would be for IC to have inbuilt versioning, thus the purpose of this idea.


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