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Additional Informatica Cloud Error Logging Options

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PowerCenter provides the ability to specify the type of error logs to create, including relational database error logging.  The current Informatica Cloud offering is still limited to .csv/flat file error logging.


We leverage a centralized error-handling architecture, where errors generated from multiple integrations can be logged, routed, queued for retry, etc.; the foundation of this architecture is a relational database.  As we look for opportunities to enhance or replace existing integrations with Informatica Cloud, the lack of relational database error logging is often raised as a gap that needs to be resolved before work - that would normally be handled in PowerCenter - can be effectively transitioned to Informatica Cloud.


When it comes to planning for and budgeting our work/releases, there is hesitancy around allocating resources to build a custom process to translate Informatica Cloud Errors (living in .csv files) into error records in our database.  We'd like to see Informatica Cloud to provide this PowerCenter-equivalent for database logging within the platform, natively.


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