• Interest in a Virtual User Group Meeting?

    I am interested in discussing Informatica with other users in the federal space. I am willing to host the virtual meeting if there is any interest?
    Lindsay K Dugan
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  • Size of folder in informatica repository

    Hi All, In my organisation we are planning to run a project and BAU stream in parallel for Informatica code so we are planning to create different folders for each. Project stream is already running but we need to cr...
    Sanu Singhal
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  • Windows Server vs Linux server for informatica cloud secure agent

    Hi,   I'm not able to find any recent documentation for this kind of question.   What OS is recommend for an Informatica cloud secure agent install?   Windows or Red Hat?   I am debating which...
    Amos Bunde
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  • kafka to KUDU Database

    Hello,   I have created a mapping to stream data from kafka to hive. similarly I tried to to stream from kafka to KUDU (impala) but it is failing.   can anyone explain me whether it is possible to stream d...
  • Webinar - Introducing PowerCenter Operational Insights

    This webinar Introduces a brand new PowerCenter Add-0n, Operational Insights, a Cloud-based App that provides managers and administrators visibility into performance and operational efficiency of Informatica assets ac...
    Justin Wright
    created by Justin Wright
  • Downgrading code from Informatica 9.5.1 to 9.5.0

    Hello, Please provide your inputs  and help on this issue.  We have Informaitca  9.5.0  version installed on the server and some of the developers have installed 9.5.1 client version  and h...
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  • Data archiving

    Is anyone in the DC or surrounding area using Informatica for data archiving of historical healthcare information?  Thank you.
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  • Jan 25 - Webinar: Navigating Your Journey to the Cloud - from POC to Business Reality

    Please join us to learn about key use cases you should consider throughout your journey to cloud, and the data management best practices that can help you turn digital disruption to your advantage to efficiently and q...
    Tamara Striffler
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  • The informatica products team is hosting an enterprise catalog webinar on Dec 14.

      Webinar, Dec.14th: Informatica Enterprise Information Catalog for Data Driven Organizations. Register,    
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  • Moving the user group meeting to 1/11/17

    Due to lack of RSVPs, we are moving this meeting from 10/13/16 to 1/11/17.
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  • October 13 Meeting Content

    If anyone would like to present at the 10/13 user group meeting, please let me know.  Jeff.Lawton@us.gt.com
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  • Gartner Peer Insights Review

    You have been great advocates for Informatica, and I’d like to ask for a favor.  Can you go to Gartner Peer Insights and give us a positive review?  It will only take a minute or two, but it will make ...
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  • Response to anonymous feedback

    I just received some anonymous feedback on my recent email suggestion to use an RSS feed.   Jeff, Not to be mean but you are making it too _ucking difficult for a simple DC users group meeting. Either do it the o...
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  • Informatica World Tour

    If you haven't seen it, the Informatica World Tour is coming to Tysons on Tuesday, September 13, 2016. Here is the link if you are interested:   Informatica World Tour
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  • August DC User Group Meeting

    After a long hiatus, we will be reinstituting the DC Informatica user group meetings. We are looking at a Wednesday in August to kick things off and the location will be at George Washington University.  Are ther...
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