1. You need to have Informatica cloud agent installed on the machine from where on-premise databases are accessible.
  2. Informatica cloud account should be created from the Informatica REV. Or you need to contact Informatica REV Support at to get REV connector license option added.


Creating Database connection:


Database connection can be created from either Informatica cloud portal or from Informatica REV.


Creating connection from Informatica cloud portal:


To login to Informatica cloud portal at, you need to use cloud credentials which you used to create your cloud account. Once you login, go to configure -> connection option as shown in the below screenshot:




Create new connection by providing the required details and selecting your registered Informatica cloud agent as ‘runtime environment’.



Test the connection and save it.


Creating DB connection from Informatica REV:


Go to import wizard -> Select ‘MY CONNECTION’ -> select login under DATABASES section -> and provide your cloud credentials. It will give you a list of all the connections which have already been created from the Informatica cloud portal and if not, will display empty box as:



Select new -> select database type as Oracle, MySQL, SQL SERVER or JDBC and proceed by providing the required details.

Saving the connection will test the connection to the data and display the error if something goes wrong. You need to act according to the error.





Connection to other type of data databases needs to be created from the Informatica cloud portal.




Data import from DB:


Data import from DB goes through import wizard who allows you to select or unselect particular columns, filter data. You can preview data after applying filters and selecting columns to be in the final table. Import wizard shows you only 200 rows. Once it is done, import the table and you are done.


If any issue occurs during the import process and import fails, you can check the log on Informatica cloud portal. Contact Informatica REV Support for any queries.