• Best practice for Axon: Logical vs physical metadata for Dataset & Marketplace

    As we are standing up Axon and EDC in J&J, we are facing the question on whether we should use logical/business or physical/technical descriptions when defining a Data set, for the “Attributes” --> ...
    George Pantazis
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  • June Meeting Agenda

    I would like to start a discussion on the agenda for our next IUG Meeting. We will keep the next meeting closer to 90 minutes.  I propose we have another member share a story/discussion on their Informatica imple...
    Joel LaPlount
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  • Data Issue Management in Axon

    Hello User Group members,   Does your DG program have a Data Issue Management process?  This is a critical step towards driving value and credibility for your program.   i recently collaborated with s...
    Jason Beard
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  • EDC and SFDC

    Does anyone have experience using EDC to scan Sales Force? We are having difficulty returning relationships between the object in out instance.  We also believe (still need to confirm) that profiling is not on th...
    Pete Stormer
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  • Please share tested out regex for ICD9 and ICD10

    can someone share a tried and tested out regex for ICD9 and ICD10 codes?
    created by inuser532581