• config.file missing for AdapterExample

    Error SIP-11006 Cant initialize the Cleanse Library class 'com.siperian.mrm.cleanse.adapterExample.Library':There must be a property config.file for the adapter to find its config. How to resolve this? please help me...
    Pushpa Solanke
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  • Multiple Output files in Spark Connectivity in IDQ 10.2

    Hi All,   We have a scenario where we are loading the data from AWS S3 to AWS S3 with business transformation logic using IDQ 10.2. When we are running the mapping in native mode it is generating only one output...
  • run TASKFLOW   by an external

    Hello everyone. Check if someone has specific documentation, how to run TASKFLOW or MAPPING by an external application such as REACT JS or JAVA SCRIPT regards Thank you so much
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  • Informatica University Badge

    I have completed a training in Informatica University, and I am able to view the badge in my profile.   I dont have an email with the link to post on LinkedIn, and it seems it is not available in my profile. ...
    Felipe Wheelock
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  • onDemand FAQ

    For training at your own pace, at any time and any place, Informatica onDemand training uses some of the same content delivered in our public courses. This online training method is ideal for both learning new subject...
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  • Compare column 1 data with column 2 (comma separated) data

    Trying to compare the column 1 data with column 2 (comma separated) in expression to derive the status.   Note: Comparison is not case-sensitive and entire col1 should match exactly with Col2, see row3 Example ...
    Prasanna Maniyur
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  • Cloud Lakehouse Certification

    Are the digital badges for completing Cloud Lakehouse data management certification not being issued I completed my 3 trainings and exams 3 days back and I know it should come in 48 hrs but I haven't received yet. w...
    Anil Vohra
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  • Certification Badges/Logos

    I passed the certification exam for Enterprise Data Catalog Specialist today, and would like to include this achievement on my e-mail signature alongside my current certification from Microsoft. Microsoft provides a s...
    Michael Bernier
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  • Informatica Cloud Certification Guidance- IICS

    Hello All,   I am planning to take Informatica cloud certification exam & need guidance from those who have cleared it recently. I am currently working in informatica cloud Data integration services and lea...
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  • Salesforce Cloud CRM   --   Data Migration Tips & Tricks

    Salesforce.com has been increasingly capturing the Cloud CRM market these days.    I have provided here important tips & tricks in executing a Salesforce Data Migration project :   The sequence o...
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  • Cannot find Cloud 101 or Cloud 201

    Hello there,   We are new Informatica customers, and we were told we should enroll in the Cloud 101 and Cloud 201 courses from Informatica University. However, I search for these course names in the Informatica ...
    Max Figueredo
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  • Informatica Administrator Page is not opening

    Hi,   Informatica Administrator is not opening, eventhough My infomatica services are running.I have tried using the Google Chrome,IE7 etc.I have checked the Catalina.out and exceptions files are not updated in ...
  • Developer Certification

    Hello Team,   i am new to this forum. i have been working with informatica from last 8 yers. now i am planning to do preparation for informatica 10X developer certification. Can some one please guide me for the...
    Parth Shah
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  • Powerexchange courses.

    Hi All, Any Powerexchange (Unix Linux and Windows ) courses or trainnings being offered ? Online or classroom (in India Pune location ). How to get the details and register for ,if any such programme. Any help is m...
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  • Informatica Certified Specialist Certification Doubt - PC

    Hi All,   Can anybody let me know what I need to do for my second attempt for my ICS exam? Do I need to pay the registration fee again, after how many days I can appear for my 2nd attempt again? Is there any diff...
    Ricky N
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  • How to remove empty element tags (with non empty attributes) in powercenter 9.1.0

    Hi All,   I want to remove empty tags from the XML, but I am not able to do it with standard session properties of NO Tag.   I assume that if the attribute is non empty then the tag will showup even if its...
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  • Truncate decimal values in DT tool

    Hi All, I am new to the DT tool and recently facing an issue with decimal precision when calculating. Issue: I have a calculation in place to sum up the decimal values for a column for each recurring instance. For ...
    Nupur Rawat
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  • Loading Soap response XML data into table?

    Hello Team,   I am getting the below XML data from the sharepoint list via http transformation. I need to convert this XML data and populate in to the table. I am using XML Parser Transformation to convert this ...
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  • [IDR] How to remove the Encryption keys and Oracle Wallet from a configuration?

    Hi,   I am using IDR. Configuration A contains have Encryption keys in Oracle Wallet. I export the configuration A and then import it and make it as Configuration B. Configuration B is used for testing purpos...
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  • How to assign a mapping variable to a workflow variable in assignment task

    Hi,     I have create a variable in the mapping and passing a column value to that, If the value is PASS then run another session else send an email.   Problem:     the above mapp...
    Surendra Pendyala
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