• Session is stuck in running mode

    Hi All,   I have workflow which has multiple sessions. In one of the sessions we are hitting sql server database and generating the data flatfile. Now what is happening is Informatica/Integration service opens t...
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  • Sync Salesforce data with MS SQL table structure

    I need to extract data out of SalesForce and into an MS SQL database.  Is there a way to automatically generate the salesforce object SQL table structure?  I would like to generate a SQL create table script ...
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  • ICRT Response check

    I have a scenario where i need to compare two response objects(One response object from Web resource and one response from database) which will return multiple records based up on a unique identifier. When the unique ...
    Kumar Garikapati
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  • How to access the Informatica Software/Tool

    I am doing at the moment the onDemand GOSI course named ' MDM Multidomain Edition 9.x: Configuration'. The presenter (John Lera) is referencing to labs and hands-on excercises. However, I did not find any information ...
  • Dynamic Mapping in PowerCenter 10.1

    Dear Team memebers,     I am trying to build a mapping in which source is a flat file and target is table. It is just one to one direct dump. But the source definition changes frequently. The number of col...
    asif ali hirekumbi
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  • Anytime, Anywhere Certifications

    Posting this update which was sent to our customers via marketing email today, in case we have followers here that don't receive our emails. (if you'd like to receive them, let me know) Certifications are the indust...
    Terri Holm
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  • Informatica TDM

    Hi All,   I am good at Informatica ILM, Planning to learn TDM, Please let me know how to start with? Please help me out with Any Videos or links.   Thanks, Ganesh Ganesh987@gmail.com
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  • Can somebody please provide me Power center data integration 10 certification material

    PowerCenter Data Integration 10: Developer, Can somebody please provide me informatica power center data integration 10 developer certification material which contains all topics in detail
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  • How can I generate request XML for Busines Entity Operation

    I have to run the create business entity request in REST call. I created one sample xml and tried running but not able to run.Can I get help for generating XML request for business entity operation   Thanks , S...
    Sachin Dedhia
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  • Cloud Data Integration certification

    What are all the recommended course to go for a CDI certification exam

    Hi All,   I need to take CLOUD DATA INTEGRATION SPECIALIST CERTIFICATION. When I look at the Certification Path, I need to first take the Proctered Exam. Can someone point out to me what is syllabus for this exa...
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  • Cannot add multiple partition when mapping includes more than 1 joiner.

    Hi Guys,   I am having trouble apply partitioning at joiner transformation. I have a mapping that reads a huge file (this is the only source) and then data flows through series of transformation including router...
    Ricky N
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  • how to start learning IDQ and MDM

    Hi All,   i am paling to learn IDQ and MDM.Can some one help with what topic we need to study.is it ok if will follow certification topics or anything else we have to refer?
    subhahan shaik
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  • Questions related to informatica administrator certification

    Hi Infa engineers, Can you please verify the answers marked in the sample set for informatica administrator certification given in the link below https://informatica.csod.com/clientimg/informatica/LOResource/18544_2...
    sulgith moosan
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  • didn't received the Voucher code to schedule my exam...

    I am planning to schedule MDM MultiDomain 10.1 Developer, Specialist Certification and i got a mail mentioning to enter the voucher code.But there is no voucher code mentioned.   Could you please help. Thanks, ...
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  • ILM Informatica Certified Professional

    I see a lot of people have viewed the ILM Data Archive and Test Data Management exam skill set inventories.    Do you feel ready to take the exam?    Do you have questions about the exam or the...
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  • S@s certification

    can any one help me by pointing to study guide for certification for Secure at Source product ?
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  • Informatica Certication and Powercenter work

    Hi friends   In order to become a freelance consultant of Powercenter, do I need a certification? or some type of authorization from INFORMATICA is also necessary to offer services?. I wanted to know if there ...
    Danny Corella
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  • BDM 10.1 Developer Certification Assistance

    Hi,   Can someone please help me to get the skill set inventory for BDM 10.1 Developer certification which guides me thorough the exam structure and marks weighted to each subject in the course?   Regards,...
  • Help required on Informatica Connector Deployment

    We are working to build Informatica Connector through ICT (Informatica Connector Toolkit) for mysql and File IO to check the usage and understand the SDK. After building the connectors,  we can package those to ...
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