• Hello... new user, Scott Johnson

    Hello, I am new to this User Group.  I have worked with Informatica Products for many years, and my expertise now is with the Data Engineering (ie Big Data) products.  Currently using Secure@Source, EDC, ED...
    Scott Johnson
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  • Introduction - new member

    Hi all - I am a new member to group and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jacob Roberson and I am a consultant. Over the last 3 + years, I have worked on many projects within the customer and product domains usin...
    Jacob Roberson
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  • Analyzing and Score Carding Saleforce Objects

    Does anyone have experience pulling in Objects from Salesforce for profiling, analyzing and then score carding.  Trying to determine best approach for how to monitor the quality of data for fields that change acr...
    Ela Wardowski
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  • Intro

    Hi Guys, joined the group today. I'm working with Rock Connections as Director of BI. We use IICS. Excited to see we have a user group in the D area. Wanted to learn more about the group. Do we have a schedule of meet...
    Vik Chauhan
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