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IICS Summer 2019 release for NA East 2 and NA West 3 Pods

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> 7/11 Updates:  Pre-release is upgrade to Summer '19, Connector PDF added and TIME CHANGE: 5PM-9PM  7:00 PM - 11:00 PM PT.)

> What's New Doc: Preface


We are pleased to announce the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) Summer 2019 release.


Pre-release Program:

The objective of the IICS pre-release is to provide customers the ability to preview new functionality and test drive changes prior to the upcoming IICS release.


The pre-release environment was upgraded July 9, 2019.  To participate in the IICS pre-release, please consult this https://network.informatica.com/docs/DOC-15547. The community post provides details about how to set up your permanent pre-release organization, if you haven’t already done so during the previous release.


What's new in IICS Summer 2019?   

The IICS Summer 2019 release offers several new capabilities that include integration patterns, expanded connectivity, and platform functions. Highlights are listed below. For details refer this link: https://network.informatica.com/community/informatica-network/products/cloud-integration/cloud_data_integration/blog/2019/06/06/whats-new-in-iics-summer-2019


Data Integration

o Machine learning-based transformation recommendations.

o Runtime override of connection and object references along with other parameter file improvements.

o Taskflow support for file listeners and the RunAJob command line interface.

o Intelligent Structure Discovery: Support for data drift and new file formats such as AVRO. Simplified design experience.

o File Mass Ingestion: Additional sources and targets. Support for compress/decompress, encrypt/decrypt and large file transfer optimization.


Application Integration

o Developer productivity: New compact canvas, improved diagnostics and debugging.

o Guides: Improved page layout and Salesforce Lightning theme.

o Source control and deployment automation.

o Expanded pub/sub and messaging capabilities with Salesforce Platform Events and RabbitMQ support.


API Management

o Privacy data identification in API content, masking or blocking of sensitive personally identifiable information (feature in preview mode)

o Ability to customize the structure of API URLs.

o Support for the internationalization of API, group and organization names.


Integration Hub

o Support for predefined and custom roles with granular privileges that promote governance.


B2B Gateway

o Exchange files with your partners using Cloud AS2.

o Get insights into your daily gateway activities and statuses with the new dashboard.



o Asset dependency capability providing “used-by” and “uses” relationship information across all assets and services for impact analysis

o Ability to start/stop Secure Agent services to optimize computing resources and isolate the need to restart a single service from others

o More control and flexibility in managing users: REST APIs for user management. Grant/deny service level access to a user. Disable user to prevent user login.


Connectivity Enhancements

o New native connectors to connect to CDM/Power BI, Snowflake (V2), MongoDB, Adobe Experience Platform, Ariba (V2), and Cassandra

o Updates to existing connectors: Microsoft (MSD 365 Operations, Cosmos DB, ADLS Gen2 and Gen 1, SQL DW), Google (Google Big Query, Google Storage), Amazon (S3, Redshift), Oracle NetSuite, Salesforce, SAP (Concur V2, S/4 HANA) and Greenplum




New IICS Services:

The IICS Summer 2019 release offers the following new services:


Streaming Ingestion

o Ingestion of streaming data from logs, Apache Kafka and IoT sources

o Real-time monitoring and lifecycle management


Integration at Scale

o Run data integration jobs at scale on a fully managed spark serverless cluster.

o Support for AWS ecosystem: S3 & Redshift

o Auto-tune and scale fully-managed Kubernetes clusters.


Operational Insights

o Operational insights for IICS cloud services that provide monitoring and alerting for Secure Agents and their services


Reference 360

o Enables business users to manage enterprise reference data in an easy-to-use, configurable, business-friendly user interface.

o Provides versioning, collaboration and complete lifecycle management of reference data.


Data Quality

o Create and manage Data Quality Rule Specifications to validate and standardize data

o Manage value lists for Data Quality processes through Dictionaries

o Embed Data Quality in Data Integration processes

When and Where

  • Start Time:

    Aug 3, 2019 7:00 PM PST (America/Los_Angeles)
  • End Time:

    Aug 3, 2019 11:00 PM PST (America/Los_Angeles)
  • Location:

    NA East 2 and NA West 3 Pods

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