Informatica My Support Portal Guidelines

Version 5

    Welcome to the Informatica Communities


    This community is for Informatica enthusiasts, experts and followers. This is place where you participate, innovate and share ideas, solutions and best practices. To continue with the same energy, success and the friendliness of this community, we request the members to follow certain guidelines while participating in our forums.


    Before you post:


    • Search before you post. Please ensure that your query has not been posted earlier. This will be the quickest way to find your answers.
    • Post your query only once. Please ensure you have selected the correct category and posted your query in the correct location. Posting in multiple locations can give you multiple and confusing answers. In case you have incorrectly selected the category, you can always contact the Moderators to move it to the correct category.
    • Please do not post your query as a reply to an existing thread. Post your question as a separate thread (after ensuring that your query is not a duplicate).
    • Duplicate posts asking the same question in multiple forum categories will be deleted without notice.
    • Ensure you are clear in your explanations. Confusing explanations might not fetch you clear answers.


    General Code of Conduct:


    • Treat other forum members with respect.
    • Ensure your postings are a courteous and professional. Offensive or profane language will not be tolerated.
    • Ensure that your posts do not threaten, harass, abuse or embarrass other members.
    • This is a public community. Please do not share any kind of proprietary information on this community.
    • The Posts should not have content that infringes on another's trademark, copyright, or material protected by intellectual property laws.
    • Advertising or solicitation is not permitted.
    • Users shall not intentionally post any misleading or erroneous information.
    • The Informatica staff reserves the right to edit/modify/remove any post at any time with or without notice.
    • Informatica reserves the right to terminate participation or access to the forums for failure to comply with the Community Code of Conduct.