Informatica Log Express

Version 13



    Informatica Log Express is a scenario based intelligent aggregator of troubleshooting information. It is a web based “self-help” application, which collects diagnostic data such as logs, configuration reports, system information, stack traces, metadata exports, workflow exports etc. For a given scenario, it can collect the diagnostic data from any of the servers in your (customer) environment where Informatica products are deployed.


    Informatica Log Express has a light-weight agent running on your environment, which collects the data less intrusively and uploads it seamlessly to a common secure FTP location at Informatica.


    Its scenario based wizard UI helps you understand the problem type and upload the appropriate logs to Informatica FTP. Informatica Log Express - the automated diagnostic data gathering utility - expedites the data gathering and issue resolution process.




    Informatica Log Express enables you to:


    • Improve user experience in overall problem discovery process during the life cycle of a service request
    • Helps your internal helpdesk work at higher efficiency
    • Reduce up to 25 percent of overall Service Request resolution time
    • Gather all troubleshooting data in a single customer and GCS interaction
    • Collect all relevant logs from different supported products using a single interface
    • Improve product quality by monitoring error trends identified through the standardized uploaded logs





    Informatica Log Express Server (Server): can be installed on any box running Windows or Linux or Solaris. Please see the User Guide (Attached below) for further information on installation and configuration of the server.


    Informatica Log Express Agent (Agent): has to be installed on all nodes for which you intend to collect the troubleshooting data.


    Before installing an agent, ensure the following:


    • The following environment variables are set:
      • INFA_HOME
        • In case of agents running on Windows, ensure that the above mentioned variables are set as system variables and not as user-defined variables in the environment configuration.
        • Also in case of Windows use the batch file installer32.bat or installer64.bat according to your Informatica product installation bitmode.
      • On UNIX installations, install/start the agent with the same user credentials and environment settings as the user running the Informatica processes.
      • In case of Informatica 9.5.x/9.6 running on HP-UX and AIX, ensure that INFA_JDK_HOME environment variable is set.
      • Ensure that the Informatica Log Express server is installed and is already running.


      Supported Infa products

      • Informatica 9.1.x
      • Informatica 9.5.x
      • Informatica 9.6


      License Info


      • Free Download


      Current Version


      • Informatica LogExpress v1.2


      Improvements in v1.1


      1. Domain hierarchy is maintained while adding agents to LogExpress server.
      2. Ability to configure multiple core file directories.
      3. Generic scenario will now collect all service logs present in the Domain.
      4. Generic scenario can gather Process Hang traces.
      5. Scenario output can be sent as mails.
      6. Scenario output table contains where and when the output is updated.

      Improvements in v1.2


      1. Secure communication and file transfer between LogExpress Server and Agent.
      2. Product configuration restricted only to the Administrators.
      3. Better user management.



      Username:  GCS
      Password:  infa0424



      How to Install


      View the Informatica Log Express User Guide (See Attachment section below)


      Known Limitations


      • Informatica Domains using Sybase are not supported.
      • Usage of IP address in place of hostname for Domain database can lead to product configuration failure.
      • Stack trace collection might fail in case of  Sessions/Workflows running under OSProfiles.
      • Stack trace/Heap Dump collection for out of process execution of Data quality mappings and Profiles are not supported.




      Configuring & Executing Scenarios in Log Express:

      Installing LogExpress Server and Agent: