Version 2


    This tool helps verify tcp/ip connection between two hosts. It would be useful to verify connectivity between PowerCenter Client, Server and Repository Server.



    (See Attachment section below)


    • ssgtcp_aix32&
    • ssgtcp_hpux32&
    • ssgtcp_solaris32&


    How to Install


    ssgtcp -v -h host -p port -s sleep

    • -h Flag for hostname
    • -p port number ont he target machine
    • -s No. of seconds to sleep
    • -v verbose output

    Usage Instructions

    1. Download the attached file corresponding to the Operating System.
    2. Un-compress the file.
    3. Extract the file corresponding to the platform.
    4. Change the file name to  ssgtcp.
    For UNIX:
    • Transfer the file to the UNIX machine using FTP (in binary mode).
    • Change permission: chmod 777 ssgtcp
    • Execute the file.