Version 2


    When Informatica PowerCenter session connects to different sources using ODBC, it may fail with errors. Informatica works with any ODBC level-2 compliant drivers. To verify if the issue is with the ODBC driver being used, you can use SSGODBC to test the connectivity outside PowerCenter.



    (See the Attachment section below)

    • ssgodbc_aix32&
    • ssgodbc_hpux32&
    • ssgodbc_linux32&
    • ssgodbc_solaris32&

    How to Install


    ssgodbc -d dsn -u username -p password [-t user] [-v] [-g]




    • -d is Data Source Name
    • -u is odbc username
    • -p is odbc password
    • -v is verbose output
    • -c is column description only
    • -g is get array size only
    • -t is time SQLTablesW for user


    Usage Instructions

    1. Download the attached file corresponding the operating system (see below for naming convention).
    2. Uncompress the file.
    3. Extract the file corresponding to the platform.  Change the file name to ssgodbc.


    For UNIX


    1. Transfer the file to the UNIX machine through FTP (in binary mode).
    2. Change permission: chmod 777 ssgodbc
    3. Log in to the server machine as the PowerCenter Server user.
    4. Execute the file.


    Supported Platforms

    • AIX (32 & 64-bit)
    • Solaris (32 & 64-bit)
    • HPUX (32 & 64-bit)
    • Windows (32-bit)