Version 1



    This is a custom transformation (Applicable to PowerCenter versions 7 or higher) to apply XSL stylesheet to an XML source or target.



    • pcxslt_aix32.zip (See Attachment section below)
    • pcxslt_hpux32.zip (See Attachment section below)
    • pcxslt_Solaris32.zip (See Attachment section below)


    How to Install


    This can be done using this XSL Custom Transformation.


    XSL Custom Transformation


    You can include this XSL transformation in a mapping to transform the XML documents from one form to another according to the specification provided in a XSL style sheet. Some of the common uses of XSL transformation are to transform XML documents to HTML documents or simply to another form of XML document.


    Third Party XSL transformation engine


    This can be done by invoking an XSL transformation engine in a pre-session shell command for an XML Source or post-session shell command for an XML target.



    To convert file1.xml to file3.xml based on file2.xsl by using Xalan, use the following pre- or post-session shell command:


    xalan –o File3.xml file1.xml file2.xsl