MDM Pre-Install Checker (MDM pi) for 9.5

Version 3



    The Master Data Management (MDM) Pi 9.5 prerequisite tool evaluates the  readiness of your installation environment and provides the results based on the  inputs that are entered. This ensures that all the prerequisites meet the MDM  9.5 installation before attempting the install itself.




    Credentials for downloading the Installers


    Username: GCS

    Password:  infa0424


    AIX Installer

    Linux Installer

    Solaris Installer

    HPUX IA64 Installer

    Windows Installer




    For more information on how to use the tool, refer to the Readme file[MDMPI_ReadMe.doc (attached)] .


    What does the tool  check?


    Machine  prerequisites


    This will check the Operating System compatability on which the tool is run. Disk space is checked to  ensure that enough space is available in the install location. The tool will  check for the existence of LANG and LC_ALL variables and raise a warning if they  are not present. A check is also done for the physical memory availability before proceeding with the installation.


    Database  Requirements


    You will be prompted for the database connection details and credentials. The  tool will connect to the database and check if the valid connection exists, and  also find the Oracle server version details.




    This will check whether valid JDBC connections exist with the given database  credentials. This tool will verify if the Oracle server version is supported or  not. This will check if you have the Oracle client configured in the environment  variable. This tool will check if the Oracle SQL Loader utility (Sqlldr) exists  in the PATH if you are using Cleanse Server on this machine.


    Application  server Requirements


    Supported Application servers: JBoss, WebLogic and WebSphere This tool will  check whether the application server versions are supported.


    Java Requirements


    This tool will check whether a valid Java version is installed on this  machine, which can be used by the application server. This will also check the  bit mode of the Java executable.


    Logs and  Information


    To perform troubleshooting, the i9Pi_summary.log file will be created in the  same directory as the MDM Pi installation directory. The results of the  pre-install check will be written to i9Pi_summary.html in the MDM Pi directory.