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    This is a utility that checks the general health of your ILM Data Archive system and reports in an Excel file. Using this tool, you can easily spot configuration problems. Sending this output to Informatica Support will help you diagnose any issues faster.


    Use this tool if you suspect any configuration issues. You can also use this tool if you are working with Informatica ILM support to provide detailed configuration information specific to ILM.


    • Any Windows or *nix machine that has network access to the database with the home repository
    • Java 1.4 or above on machine where it is run.
    • Connection information for the home repository
      • Host / Port / Sid
      • “AMHOME” username / password

    Supported Informatica Products

    • ILM 5.1 and 5.3.X

    License Info

    • Free Download

    Current Version

    • Revision 264 (The latest version is currently on the tsftp site at: /updates/ILM/Oracle+/tools/appcheck.exe)


    • (See Attachment section below)

    How to Install

    • Ensure that Java 1.4 or higher is in your path
    • When running on Windows:
      • Double-click on the exe file.
    • When running on Unix / Linux (any OS with Java):

      • Run java -jar appcheck.exe
        • If appcheck detect a GUI interface, it will use it. Otherwise it will use text only
    • Fill in the prompts:
      • AMHOME username (This is the Oracle user for the home repository)
      • AMHOME Password (This is the password for the user above)
      • Database Host (This is the Hostname or IP Address for the server that contains the home repository)
      • Database Port (This is the TCP Port for the listener for the Database that contains the home repository)
      • Database Service Name (Service Name or SID for the Database that contains the home repository)
      • Excel Save File (Full path and filename where the output Excel file will be saved)


    Optional Advanced options:


    Any of the prompted settings can be used over command line. It will then prompt you for the “missing” information. When all the informationis passed, it will run without any interaction:


    • -DUser=XXX
    • -DPass=XXX
    • -DHost=XXX
    • -DPort=XXX
    • -DService=XXX
    • -DFile=XXX




    java –DUser=amhome –DPass=amhome –DHost= –DPort=1521 –DService=AMHOMEDB –DFile=/tmp/test.xls -jar appcheck.exe

    Known Limitations



    Release History


    Sl No.

    Version History

    Release Date


    Gathers some information for upgrading to 5.3



    Added better entity information for 5.3



    Added Java information



    Compatible with 5.3 version



    Supported Platforms

    Any platform that supports Java 1.4 or above.