Configuration Support Manager for IIR

Version 1


    Our Configuration Support Manager (CSM) tool has been our backbone in enabling us to gather configuration information from your hosts running Informatica, tracking your configurations, replicate issues and advising health checks. It has been the foundation for our rich configuration management capabilities.


    Now, building up on this foundation, we have enhanced our CSM capabilities to include more products under its tree including CSM for IIR.

    You can use CSM of IIR to gather your configuration, system, environment and product details of the machine hosting Informatica Identity Resolution (IIR).


    CSM gathers data from IIR, which can help in troubleshooting issues related to

    • ODBC/Relational connectivity details
    • Details specific product issues with versions and patches
    • Various servers availability details
    • Configurations details
    • Environment details
    • License details

    Purpose/ Usage


    With CSM’s integrated capabilities of configuration management, when you upload the XML file to our support system from your profile, CSM automatically gathers your configuration information of the machine hosting IIR.

    The information gathered through CSM for IIR, and the XML file that you upload or send, enables Informatica Support to:


    • Find any anomalies/symptoms that could cause issues.
    • Help replicate or reproduce an issue by creating similar environment.
    • And, aid to provide a solution for the issues easily and quickly.
    • Help in Configuration Management of your environment
    • Provide relevant health check recommendation


    • Ensure that the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set. It is mandatory to have Java 1.5 or above (JRE or JDK) in the path before running the CSM Client. Otherwise, the IIR product information will not be fetched.

    Supported Informatica products

    • IIR

    License Info

    • Free Download

    Current Version

    • CSM for IIR 1.0


    • (See Attachment section below)

    How to Install

    Following are the steps to generate the CSM Client output for IIR.

    1. Download the CSMClient utility from My Support> Support Solutions Center > Debugging Tools > Identity Resolution.
    2. After downloading the utility, extract the file.
    3. FTP the zip file in binary mode to the machine where you need to run the CSM.
    4. Unzip the file into a convenient location.
    5. Give execute permissions to the executable file. (in case of *nix platforms)
    6. In case of Windows use run.bat and for *nix use
    7. Following are the two modes of execution:
      1. Command line option

        ./ iir -rbuser <Rulebase user> -rbpassword <Rulebase password> -rbnum <Rulebase number> -rbsvc <Rulebase service> -SSATOP <IIR home directory
        • When prompted for the Java home directory provide the path to either the JDK bin directory or JRE bin directory
      2. Interactive command line optio

        ./ iir
        • When prompted for the Java home directory provide the path to either the JDK bin directory or JRE bin directory
        • Also provide the necessary inputs as and when required.
    8. The output is an xml file with the following naming csmclientiir<hostname>.xml
    9. Open the xml in a browser (Internet Explorer) to view the formatted output.

    Known Limitations




    Release History

    Sl No.

    Version History

    Release Date



    June 2012


    Support Platforms

    All Informatica supported platforms