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    UserMeta is a java based utility which is needed in scenarios where customers need to retrieve user-group information from their environment. This tool comes in handy during user audit process. Currently the challenge is that starting with version V8.6, user group information is at the domain level and is stored as BLOBs and not easily retrievable. Currently there are no reports in PCMR/Data Analyzer making this information available. UserMeta satisfies that very issue.


    Using UserMeta, we can retrieve the following details in a user-readable format.

    • User Name
    • Full Name
    • Description
    • email
    • User Status - Enabled/ Disabled
    • Security Domain - Native/LDAP etc.
    • User ID
    • Group/Groups


    The following are the environment pre-requisites to run this Java-Based application.

    • Java Version 1.5 or above
    • Add java/bin to the PATH variable
    • Run Infasetup BackupDomain command and dump domain metadata into a backupdomain.xml file.

    Supported Informatica products

    • PowerCenter 8.5
    • PowerCenter 8.6
    • PowerCenter 8.6.1

    License Information

    • Free Download

    Current Version

    • User Meta 1.0


    • (See Attachment section below)

    How to Install

    1. Download the UsersTable class file which can generate output with users and Associated Groups
    2. Execute the following Infasetup backupdomain command to backup the domain metadata into an XML file.

    backupDomain <<-DatabaseAddress|-da> database_hostname:database_port|<-DatabaseConnectionString|-cs> database_connection_string>

    <-DatabaseUserName|-du> database_user_name

    <-DatabasePassword|-dp> database_password

    <-DatabaseType|-dt> database_type

    [<-DatabaseServiceName|-ds> database_service_name]

    <-BackupFile|-bf> backup_file_name         


    <-DomainName|-dn> domain_name


    The backupDomain.xml file has the user metadata.


    3. Execute the following command to retrieve the user information into a comma separated file which can be formatted as per user requirment


    java UsersTable "backupDomain.xml" > a.txt


    • Sample Output Format -

    Domain Name, User Name, Namespace, Full Name, Description, email, disabled, group name, group namespace, group description, child group

    Known Limitations

    • Only Native users can be fetched using this tool. LDAP users cannot be fetched.


    Release History

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    Supported Platforms

    • Run against Domain Backup XML.