Configuration Support Manager for PowerCenter

Version 1


    The Configuration Support Manager (CSM) is a web based application to provide proactive health check in your Informatica environment. This application will help you manage all your technical environments and address some of the key benefits as follows:

    • Diagnose routine Informatica issues before they become critical
    • Reduce risk of unplanned outage
    • Expedite support issues
    • Discover your complete technical environment details


    You can attain more business value proposition using the following CSM features:

    • Simple configuration management
    • Automated information collection using CSMClient
    • Problem avoidance using advanced health check
    • Proactive alerts by subscription via Email and RSS feeds
    • Advanced diagnostics using compare configuration


    CSM application enables the user to get complete view of their environment. Proactive alerts and health checks ensures that there are no system downtime, it prevents outages and identifies the trend across customer’s environment

    Once the data is collected, then CSM populates that information on the CSM’s home page. More customized information displays the details such as the Configuration Name, description, type, last updated time, the XML etc.


    The most significant feature of Informatica CSM is its ability to Compare configurations. The compare feature helps you actively maintaining a synch between environments. You can compare both system and product details like domain configuration /services configuration.

    The uploaded file allows the Informatica support to provide all the System Configuration details under the Configuration section, which includes the details in the following:


    • System Configuration
    • User Environment detail
    • PowerCenter details
    • DB details (for Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Informix and ODBC)


    Supported Informatica Products

    • PowerCenter
    • Informatica 9.x.x

    License Information

    • Free download/access

    Current Version

    • CSM 1.0




    How to Install


    For detailed information on How to install CSM, see the document Configuration Support Manager.pdf in the Attachment section below.

    Known Limitations

    • None


    KB: How to run CSM Client (31738)


    Release History


    Sl No.

    Version History





    Supported Platforms

    • All Informatica supported platforms.