MDM - Product 360 EBFs - November 2021

Version 1

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for MDM - Product 360:



    HPM-5647810.,,, with storage mode MapDB is much slower as in 10.0
    HPM-5673110.,,,, tab does not show recent changes and displays only 10 changes
    HPM-5658110.,,, of task across usergroups without accept is causing Duplicates
    HPM-5672110.,,,, field values not showing as per the logical key
    HPM-5661010.,,,, Audit trial History not showing after upgrade to EBF 6
    HPM-5671410.,,,, 360 View for the items under user group tasks showing duplicate tasks
    HPM-559958.,,,,,,,,,,,,, of items are not assigned to structure groups during import
    HPM-5651210.,,, Unit is coming with a cross symbol if it misses the conversion factor
    HPM-5598610.,,,, when configuring subentity deletion for prices with qualification for ValidAt logical key
    HPM-5670410.,,,,, responsible server is available for INITIALIZER 'init.masterJobServer'
    HPM-5655010.,,, Classification Result is giving wrong structure group identifier
    HPM-5637110.,,, of Task to InitialUser corrupts the Task container
    HPM-5648910.,,[BPMCommunicationConsumerServiceAPI] UniformInterfaceException from REST call
    HPM-5660910.,,, Step workflow is getting faulted after ugrade to EBF 6
    HPM-5651810.,,,, HPM-54953 is causing server startup to fail on Oracle
    HPM-5642110., assets export with replacement language exports both medias
    HPM-567398.,,,,,,,,, with ms sql db login with integrated security/plugin not unpacked