Procurement EBFs - October 2021

Version 1

    The following table lists some of the recently released EBFs for Procurement:




    HCM-18878.0.06User has an unexpected end date login not possible
    HBC-69618.0.06Smartform items with option fields are not working correctly which results in wrong order items at the backend
    HBC-69738.0.06Prices are not displayed in the favorite view for stock items
    HBC-69698.0.06itemFastEntry doesn't work for SAP material numbers once they are duplicated
    HBC-69718.0.06freeText part of PositionData is not transmitted via OCI
    HBC-69748.0.06Double click on order button raises two orders
    HBC-69758.0.06Shopping card of info user can't be discarded if an item from shopping cart no longer exists
    HBC-69768.0.06CSV Upload doesn't work for the decimal value of the quantity
    HBC-69428.0.06Using HTTP Redirect in IIS leads to UI switching to German after adding item to shoppingcart
    HBC-69728.0.06SAP Warehouse Engine: plant is not selected by default leading to a warning when added to the shopping cart
    HBC-69278.0.06Unit of external Catalog items is not parsed to UnitLang