Data Privacy Management EBFs - September 2021

Version 2

    The following table lists the EBFs released recently for Data Privacy Management (DPM) (formerly Secure @ Source (S@S)):




    This EBF contains fixes for the following issues:


    • System generated tasks not having Violation ID's (SATS-41135)
    • UBA Manager failure | java.lang.NullPointerException |Suppression Rules (SATS-41121)
    • Performance issue for Import Protection Task (SATS-41116)
    • Deadlock issue during the unstructured scan (SATS-41099)
    • Option to import views on 'Import from Enterprise Data Catalog' page (SATS-40918)
    • Elastic Search | Security Policy Violation dashboard UI is extremely slow if there are 1000+ policy violations (SATS-41006)
    • Overview page fails with error message com.informatica.ilm.sats.db.SatsDAOException | Widget TopDataStores (SATS-40977)
    • Datastore export file has duplicate records and missing attributes (SATS-40729)