Data Privacy Management EBFs - August 2021

Version 1

    The following table lists the EBFs released recently for Data Privacy Management (DPM) (formerly Secure @ Source (S@S)):




    This EBF contains fixes for the following issues:


    • SQLServer Named Instance issue with Test Connection
    • Missing data domain warning after importing the Resource from EDC

    This EBF contains fixes for the following issues:


    • Correct 'Schema' value is not imported/displayed in DPM when a Hive resource is imported from Catalog
    • DPM export | Security Policy Violation export does not work for 100+ violations
    • High CPU usage because of DPM events | High-Density UA events | Poor Programming design | DPM Unusable
    • Security Policy Violation Dashboard | ALL Checkbox does not work
    • Agent Scan is crashing the DPM Service and causes resource crunch in the server
    • Scanning of files with binary content is getting stuck in the agent
    • Domain discovery SAP ECC with JDBC Driver - No results
    • Scanning of some unstructured files are taking a lot of time