MDM - Product 360 EBFs - July 2021

Version 1

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for MDM - Product 360:


    HPM-557188.,,,,,,, export file is not giving the Target market if the target market has certification data
    HPM-5551610.,,,,,,,, Cluster Issues due to higher heap usage by PIM Client server
    HPM-5583410.,,, triggers creating different payload after upgrading to 10.1
    HPM-5582610.,,, go into Running but never ends
    HPM-557268.,,,,,,,, Transform could not load the dictionary error while running rule
    HPM-5572810.,,, UI template for a translation flex UI a key value pair throws an error
    HPM-5494710.,, in Export of feature preset values when Filter is defined
    HPM-5573210.,,, the characteristic rules are also included in the DQ channel, we see two sorts of output
    HPM-5582910.,,, doesn’t get Populated in the Workflow Task Container -StepWorkflow Utility
    HPM-5584010.,,, Server doesn't start after activating the elastic-search
    HPM-5212510.,, export from REST API call using bystructureGroup Report
    HPM-5496610.,, on Structure assignment triggers wrong change
    HPM-5579910.,, is not showing any content in the Desktop Client
    HPM-5564010.,, mode takes hours even if there is no Media Asset
    HPM-55818P360az Prod benchmark - Missing Report in Export
    HMM-820910.,, long image names in Carts do not work correctly
    HPM-554518.,,, during Data Quality Execution