Advisory - Deprecation of Distro Packages for Hadoop and Non-Hadoop Connectors

Version 2



    Informatica is announcing deprecation of following packages and all the customers are requested to move to new common distro package. You would be receiving appropriate communication if you are identified as a user of the below deprecated packages.

    The details of deprecated packages are given below.

    • Cloudera 5.4
    • Cloudera 5.8
    • Cloudera 5.13
    • HDInsight 3.6
    • Hortonworks 2.3
    • Hortonworks 2.5
    • Hortonworks 2.6


    Why is it important?


    • All the old distros mentioned above are End of Life (EOL) by the respective vendors. Hence, Informatica will be EOLing these distros and will no longer provide technical support for any bugs or issues that arise from these products from R37 Jul Release.
    • These older versions of packages (listed above) have security vulnerabilities and hence it’s critical that users move to the safer new common distro package.


    Who will get impacted?


    Users of the below connectors with any of the above mentioned distro packages

    • ADLS Gen2
    • GCS v2
    • Kafka
    • S3 V2
    • ADLS v3
    • Blob v3

    If user is also using the below connectors, please contact Informatica GCS to determine impact

    • Hadoop Files v2 connector
    • Hive connector


    How to migrate to the new common distro package?

    • Informatica will be disabling current distro license and enable license new common distro(CDH 6.1) package. Once the license is enabled, new common distro package will be downloaded by itself.

    How does moving to a new common distro package impact me?

    • Your existing jobs are expected to run seamlessly and without any changes.

    Additional Information:

    • Informatica intends to EOL the above mentioned distro packages by R37 Jul Release.