Discontinuation of “Web Services” and “Web Services V2” connectors in July 2021 Major Release

Version 1

    What are we announcing?

    Discontinuation of “Web Services” and “Web Services V2” connectors


    When is this being performed?

    These products will be discontinued with the release of July Major release of Informatica Cloud.


    Why are these being discontinued?

    • These products are old and have been in maintenance mode for long. Please refer to this article for more information.
    • The older libraries used in these products are not supported any more. In case of any technical issues, it’s not feasible to upgrade these libraries anymore.

    Action Required on your end:

    • Please use alternate connector “Web Services Consumer” and “Webservices Transformation” for SOAP API use cases. The license for this product has been automatically be added to your org.
    • You will need to edit/replace existing tasks using “Web Services” and “Web Services V2” connectors and use the recommended connector product i.e., “Web Services Consumer”.


    Additional information:

    • Please refer to the documentation of “Web Services Consumer” here.
    • Video is available here.


    If you have any technical issues, click here to open a support case or to contact Global Customer Support.