HOW TO: Change the default PostgreSQL database password

Version 1

    Perform the following steps to change the PostgreSQL database password from the default password bpel:

    1. Stop the Process Server.
    2. Connect to the PostgreSQL database and update the password of the user bpeluser.
    3. Navigate to the following directory:
      Windows: <Secure Agent installation directory>\apps\process-engine\data\db\postgresql-windows-x64-binaries\pgsql\bin
      Linux: <Secure Agent installation directory>\apps\process-engine\data\db\postgresql-linux-x64-binaries\pgsql\bin
    4. Run the following command:
      psql.bat -U bpeluser -d activevos
    5. Run the following SQL query to configure a new password for the Process Server:
      ALTER USER bpeluser WITH PASSWORD '<new password>';
    6. After the SQL query execution, navigate to the following directory:
      <Secure Agent installation directory>\apps\process-engine\<version>\.lcm
    7. Run the script lcm-env.bat or
    8. Navigate to the following directory:
      <Secure Agent installation directory>\apps\process-engine\<version>\bin folder
    9. Run the or cryptoUtil.bat file to generate the encrypted version of the new password. Type the following line to get an encrypted password: cryptoUtil.bat encrypt ‘new Password’
    10. Log in to Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services and click Administrator.
    11. Click Runtime Environments on the left navigation bar.
    12. In the Process Server configuration, update the database password with the new encrypted password and save the changes.
    13. Start the Process Server.