FAQ: Allow additional IP addresses for IICS EM West 1 pod

Version 1

    We would like to inform that we are adding more nodes to our load balancing cluster for better scalability.

    We request you to allow the additional IPs on your network firewall/proxy no later than Mar-31-2021.


    If you had chosen to allow the IICS domains: *.informaticacloud.com and *.informatica.com instead of IPs earlier or if you do not need to allow IP addresses on your firewall/proxy, please ignore this email.


    This is applicable for EM West 1 pod only [https://emw1.dm-em.informaticacloud.com/.... after logging in to IICS] 



    Frequently Asked Questions:


    Q: Is my organization impacted?

    A: If your organization needed to allow specific IP addresses for outbound communication in the past to access IICS, then you will need to allow these additional IP addresses as well.

    If you never had to allow IP addresses for outbound communication on port 443 or if you allow traffic based on domain names (*.informaticacloud.com and *.informatica.com) then NO further action is needed.


    Q: Which IICS POD is impacted by this?

    A: This is applicable for EM West 1 pod only [https://emw1.dm-em.informaticacloud.com/.... after logging in to IICS] 


    Q: Is there a deadline for making this change?

    A: YES, Mar-31-2021


    Q: Why are these additional IPs needed?      

    A:  These additional IPs are for additional nodes on our load balancer and have been added for scalability.


    Q: What will be the impact of not allowing these additional IP addresses?

    A: Secure agent services and UI accessibility via browser will be impacted.


    Q: Do we need to remove IP addresses allowed earlier?

    A: NO, these are additional IPs on top of the IPs that you may have added earlier.


    Q: Is there a consolidated place to see all the IPs?

    A: YES, please follow this KB for any changes in the future as well.



    Q: Who do we need to work with to allow these IPs?

    A: These IPs are to be allowed on your organization firewall/proxy. Hence, please contact your organization's IT/Network administrators who manage the firewall/proxy configurations.