Snowy : ecosystem/connectivity tool

Version 2

    What is a 'snowy' tool?


    A standalone tool to test ecosystem (endpoints) connectivity. Currently, we are supporting Snowflake and Azure Blob connectivity tests. This utility will help isolate connectivity/Network issues and provide additional logging upon connection failures. The tool has the ability to capture network traces and procure connection-endpoint server certificate details. It can connect to connector/ecosystem endpoint with and without proxy. It can also be used to run queries to verify access to Snowflake objects, databases, schemas, etc.


    How to run?


    Steps to run this utility-

    1. Download the provided zip file (to the Informatica cloud secure-agent/runtime environment machine) and extract the files.
    2. For Windows: Open a command prompt and navigate to the directory where the files are extracted. run the snowy.bat.
    3. For Linux: Navigate to the directory where the files are extracted. Run the command ./ and enter the JRE/bin classpath as prompted.
    4. This utility is developed to pick up user input values. For each step, when prompted, enter the required values (or options).




    Currently, this tool handles test connections to Azure Blob and Snowflake endpoint. Executes traceroute/tracert commands and captures response. Checks endpoint domain certificate and captures certificate details. Users can execute SnowSQL execution and result view, for snowflake data warehouse.



    1. The current version of the tool supports is tested for Linux bash shell and ms-dos.
    2. The user running this script should have read/write privileges to %temp% folders & the current folder path of the run.
    3. This is a developer script, there is no support agreement from Informatica on this.