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    Release Announcement
    October 2020

    What are we announcing?


    Who would benefit from this release?

    This release is for all Data Engineering, Data Catalog, Data Preparation & Data Privacy Management customers and prospects who want to take advantage of updated Hadoop distribution support as well as fixes to the core platform and other functionality. You can apply this service pack after you install or upgrade to Informatica 10.4.1. If you are already on 10.4.1 or, you can directly install


    What’s in this release?

    Data Engineering


    • Cloudera CDP Public Cloud 7.2 - AWS & Azure
    • Cloudera CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.3
    • Amazon EMR 6.1 - Tech Preview

    Developer Client

    • Performance improvements when browsing large numbers of physical data objects.

    Enterprise Data Catalog


    • Amazon S3 scanner enhancements:
      • For enhanced security, administrators can configure the S3 scanner to use a temporary session token.
      • Extract metadata from an Amazon S3-compatible storage system such as Scality RING.
    • Axon scanner enhancements:
      • Extract metadata from additional assets such as attributes, policies, systems and datasets and view the relationship between these assets.
      • Reconcile domain users between Informatica Axon and Enterprise Data Catalog.
    • Data domain discovery enhancements:
      • Configure data domains with the match data or column name rule.
      • Automatically reject all other inferred data domains after you approve a data domain association with an asset.
    • Data Asset Analytics enhancements:
      • Asset Usage report type to view the usage of assets in Enterprise Data Catalog.
      • New Top Assets Viewed chart in User Adoption dashboard to view the list of most viewed assets in the catalog.
      • New Feature Usage Value chart in Data Value dashboard to view the value of Enterprise Data Catalog features based on their usage.
      • Enhanced Resource Value calculation in Data Value dashboard.
      • Support for different currency types
      • Performance improvements


    • Perform a bulk export or import of business terms and Axon Glossaries for curation.


    • Deployment:
      • HDInsight 4.0 with WASB
      • Data Asset Analytics repository database updates:
        • Azure SQL Database as DBaaS
        • PostgreSQL 11.7
        • Oracle RAC
        • Amazon RDS for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server
    • Scanners:
      • SAP S/4HANA versions 1610 and 1909
      • SAP BW/4HANA version 2.0
      • Apache Hive on CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1
      • HDFS on Cloudera CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1

    Enterprise Data Preparation

    • Support for Cloudera CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.3

    Data Privacy Management

        Unstructured Scans through the Informatica Discovery Agent

    • Modified keywords for certain data domains to improve accuracy.
    • Modified 9 data domains to improve accuracy.
    • Improved Scan performance when scanning very large unstructured files.

        Subject Registry Enhancements

    • Support for incremental scans of unstructured sources


    • ADLS Gen 2 support through the Informatica Discovery Agent




    Release Notes & Product Availability Matrix (PAM)

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