Third party Api's not working in Agent Processes post R35 upgrade.

Version 8

    Issue1: The processes deployed on Agent are failing with "Read timed out" error if they are using a 3rd party API that takes more than 60 sec to fetch the data.

    Following error seen in catalina.log


    Caused by: Read timed out

    at Method) at at at at


    We noticed that "Web service reply time out" property is not being honored in Agent Processes post-R35 upgrade. We have identified this issue as a defect and fixed it as an Emergency Bug fix. Here are the steps to apply the EBF:




    1. Login to UI, if the process server says: Restart required, please restart the Process Server from UI.

    2. Once this is up, please stop the Process Server from UI again.

    3. Unzip the attachment. You will get org.activebpel.rt.http-20.1001.00-SNAPSHOT.jar.

    4. Take a backup of the file org.activebpel.rt.http-20.1001.00-SNAPSHOT.jar from <agentFolder>/downloads/package-process-engine<LATEST_version>/package/app/shared/lib

    5. Replace it with the attached jar(you got in point 3) file in the location <agentFolder>/downloads/package-process-engine<LATEST_version>/package/app/shared/lib

    6. Restart the Process Server from UI and test it.



    Issue 2: Processes calling 3rd party Api's(i.e going via Agent proxy) are failing with the following errors:



    org.apache.http.conn.HttpHostConnectException: Connect to [,,,,,] failed: Connection refused (Connection refused)


    The same fix will be applicable to this issue as well


    Bug ICAI-21108